What would cause a workflow to run perfectly in step-by-step mode, but not in run mode?

What would cause a workflow to run perfectly in step-by-step mode, but not in run mode?

Note: I have already tried adding pauses.

Debugging would be easier with some screenshots :slight_smile:

(If you prefer not to share here, feel free to send me a message).

Keep in mind, adding pauses only impacts actions on the screen, not for database-related actions.

As well, if you have hide/close, state changes, it may be happening too rapidly in run mode for updates to properly happen. It’s likely a matter of reconfiguring the steps and changing some of the references of created/edited/deleted things.

I think you hit the nail on the head. The state changes are too fast, but how can I slow it down, if pause doesn’t work?

Here are some general considerations:

  • Reduce the number of on-page events in the workflow to as few as possible. If a large workflow, you can likely segment it to create an API workflow.
  • Avoid using logic of newly-set states in your workflow. (Ie. if Step 1 is changing a state, then don’t have Step 2 use the state-based information of what you set in Step 1). It may work in-workflow, but my preference is to kickoff a workflow using only the state values as they were prior to triggering the workflow.
  • In general, keep use of state changes to a minimum. (The more you have, the more points of failure you potentially have).
  • When using an API workflow doesn’t make sense, use custom workflows to branch your workflow off.

OK, yes that was a problem. I broke it up into 2 workflows. #1 sets the state, and then triggers #2 (a custom workflow). #2 does the rest. Sadly, that didn’t work.

I guess I’m going to need to rethink the whole design here. I’m getting the sense that the use of custom states and custom workflows together in real time is a problem.

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