Sub app or not?

Hi everyone,

I’m currently in the process of designing a CRM and E-Commerce SaaS application on bubble. I’m running into a snag in terms of whether I should use a single app or make use of sub apps.

So, the platform will have many self storage organizations that sign up as a CRM and E-Commerce user. These organisations will also have their own customers signing up to the platform to manage payments, rental agreements, e-commerce orders, etc.

The problem I have is a customer of one organisation can also be a customer of another. I need it so a customer has to sign up to each organisation individually as the organisations would want branding applied.

Can this be done without needing sub apps?

Thanks in advance! I LOVE Bubble as well! It’s exciting to see where this platform could go.

I haven’t tested it yet, so it may be false. However, you could have the user sign up the first time, and make a data field not allowing them access to any vendor until they do something that allows them access to it. When they are allowed access to it is when you could allow the vendor to see the customer’s details.

So under your vendor’s data type, you could have a field that is a list of users. Then, only allow the users that are in that vendors list access to their store or what not.