Stripe - Bubble Pay per Seat Pricing

Hello all! In all this madness, monetising an app is more important than ever (!). I would like to integrate a billing system that charges my customers (real estate agencies) per every user they add within their accounts.
So my question, does anyone have experience with this kind of monetisation? And is anyone here willing to guide me? Both per the logic behind (when and where to add monetisation elements) and how to do it, possibly with the official bubble plugin (mind I am pretty noobish with APIs and stripe). Even just showing examples might help.

Some context: I made the classic login signup flow, within the app the owner of the business can add new members, give them a role and then he can flag them as active or non-active in order to save the data these have created in the app, but be no longer able to login or view the said data if labled inactive.

Thanks a lot!

If you create a custom User field in and every data table you have in the app, you can then set up privacy filter based on a condition on the user’s role is being active or not.

For pricing seats, it makes sense to align your marginal revenue to come higher than your marginal cost, so that you have additional profit for ever seat added. However marginal revenue tends to approach to the marginal cost of operation as the competition increases in the market.

We charge this way, but it’s an extremely complex system. Would take quite a bit of time and energy to coach you through it. I’d make a guide or video but not particularly inspired to contribute to the Bubble ecosystem at the moment.

The key thing I’d say though is forget about using any of the plugins. They are all designed for per user pricing and you will pull your hair out trying to make them work. You will need to build out your own API calls to Stripe with the API connector as well as webhooks in stripe back to Bubble workflow endpoints.

Store the subscription id and customer id on your “company” level object and then have a UI and some database trigger workflows to make sure that the subscription is updated when the number of users associated with each company changes.


Thanks for the reply, I’ll be making pricing tests, I figured the ballpark price range but still trying to find the best solution. I’d like to experiment with per user pricing since now bubble seems to want to go forward with per usage pricing and this method would kinda allow my revenue to grow along side my costs.

Your reply is already helping, thanks for the time!

I can also go for a “one size fits all” if this is the most viable solution at the moment and bring in “beta testers” for a while, but have the feel that going forward a per seat pricing may fit just perfectly with the business (Analytics BI Saas).

I can feel you about the mood of not investing your time to indirectly help bubble, so no worries. I will explore the logic you have outlined and try to figure it out :slight_smile:
Of course if you do someday feel like making a small guide or video, it will be very helpful. Haven’t found any well made and explanatory resource addressing this. Keep me posted.

Btw, saw your post about the acquisition not going through, feels rough and hoping the best for your company in the future, seems that when scale allows it, moving to old school dev is now a no brainer.

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Thanks, I appreciate that.

Here is a screenshot of our billing management page. Maybe you can take some inspiration from it:

If the seat number is changed, it presents a button to update the subscription and lock it in.

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Marvelous, the way you describe it in a few sentences, is like a book. really love to hear how you did it though if you ever share that video would love to watch it.