Safari error: Sorry, your session has changed / expired…please try again

I’ll post the bubble support answer:

Hi Bruno,
Thanks so much for your patience. After a bit of research, this unfortunately appears to be a limitation of the Safari browser. This is occurring due to the increases security measures that Safari has in place. There are several console errors that appear in Safari but not in chrome:

It appears that Safari is more strictly enforcing same-origin policy, meaning that events within an iframe can not connect with origins that are not the same origin as the iframe itself. In this case, thats the API connection to google sheets, as well as the API connection to CNPJ. The CNPJ connection in particular is causing the “session expired” error, since that is the call that requires authorization.

Working around this error would be a bit outside of the scope of our support team, as we don’t support custom code or working around browser limitations like this, but its certainly possible that some users on our forum may have some ideas for how to approach this type of limitation! I highly recommend posting there.

Someone knows what to do?

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