SalesForm web form to lead help

Has anyone created a Form to send Lead data straight into SalesForce.

Salesforce does facilitate a web form to lead option, which is simple html, so thought an option would be to use html container, but this fails to pick up the styles.

Thanks - Barry

Hi @barry -

There are a few approaches to this:

  1. The one you’re describing, where you embed a simple HTML form (easy but not customized look)
  2. Building a custom form in Bubble and then using Zapier to send it your Salesforce instance (easy to build and customized look but not very powerful if you want to get your data into SFDC in a custom way)
  3. Building a custom form in Bubble and then linking it directly to your Salesforce instance (harder to build, can fully customize the look and the way that the data goes into SFDC)

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