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Sandbox for customers

We want to develop a sandbox for our clients that connect to our app’s (built on bubble) API and test without modifying our production’s database.

Has anyone done something similar before or have any suggestions / best practices? I fear that I have to manage deployments & building on 2 separate “version-live” apps, which would be a huge hassle.


Thank you for your post! Would it be possible to share more information about what you’d like to accomplish with this sandbox? Are you wanting to create one app that showcases the connections to other app’s APIs, or create one API to rule other APIs?

Hey @jess,

We have clients who connect to our app via API endpoints / public backend workflows that we exposed. While integrating these endpoints into their system (mostly shopsystems or ERPs) they require a staging environment that can be used for testing before changing to “live-mode” where relevant data is transmitted.
The best case would be two build two instances of our app that can be updated with one deploy, where one is the version that our users can use to build and test their integration.
I am thinking to do this with a sub-app - would that work in this case and solve our requirements?

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