How to save down a list from API GET call into multiple things in my database

Hi team -

I’m doing a GET call in a backend workflow, receiving a list and want to save each item into my database. The problem is, when I get the list, I cannot do a workflow running on that list to create multiple new things… any ideas how to do this?

Ultimately, I’m trying to sync the list data I’m receiving with what’s in my database, and thinking saving down everything first, then parsing it for updates is the best way (perhaps not?)

Some images…
a) what you can do is schedule a workflow on the list

b) but what you then cannot do is use each item to do something in the workflow (the list item is not in the list with a X on it)

Any help would be really appreciated!

You can name each key value pair that is needed in the return of the api call in the results and then when you schedule to run on the list just map all the result key values to the correct place.


You can click to “Detect Request Data” then a pop up will appear with a link. Copy the link and then open a new window in your browser and create a new api in the API Connector and past the URL and do a POST. When you initialize your other api with the results you want, view the raw data, copy the entire object. Go to the new POST request you just created and paste in the JSON Object in the provided space and click to initialize. Your other browser window that is waiting to detect will show all key values and you can map everything.

@williamtisdale Don’t the request data detection only work for post method? His problem refers to the GET method (same as mine right now :blush: )