Save an entire form data to a Database Type

Hi All,

I want to be able to save data from a long list of form that has multiple yes/no questions, attachments and comments to a thing.

I am able to do it if I create a workflow for each element but it’s just too big a form.

Is there an easy way to post the entire Group or RG data in one action.


You may create a datatype for the questions and another datatype for answers, then you may use repeating group to display the questions and with every question in the cell you put an inputs for the answer, these inputs shown and hidden according to the answer type, then you have to use the “orchestra” blugin to trigger an event inside every cell to store the answers in the database.

I understood the concept of the orchestra plugin but not sure how to use it. New here. Can you please help ? the example workflow from the plugin instructions are not very clear, at least to me.

Orchestra plugin provide tow elements, “maestro” and “musicians”, you have to put the maestro anywhere in the page but outside the RG (Repeating Group), and to put the musicians inside the RG.

After putting the maestro in the page a new action will appear within the “element actions” in the workflow tap, this action is (trigger musicians under the maestro), you will trigger this action by an event like clicking button to trigger the musicins to start their job inside every cell.

After putting the musicians insid the RG new events and action will appear in the workflow tap, the events are (a musicians revealed) and (a musicians will run this workflow inside each cell), the action is (initilize musicians a musicians).

So you will add the (a musicians revealed) event and in it add (initilize musicians a musicians) action, this wil establish connectin between the maestro and the musichans, so you have to put a same word (any word) in the “musichans class” within the (initilize musicians a musicians) action and in the “class to trigger” within the (trigger musicians under the maestro) action.

And then you will use the (a musicians will run this workflow inside each cell) event to trigger the action that will create the answers. This event will work automatically when the button that trigger the (trigger musicians under the maestro) action is clicked, this mean that when the button is clicked >> the maestro will (trigger musicians under the maestro) >> automatically (a musicians will run this workflow inside each cell) event will start.

In general, for wide undestandig of any plugin it is a good practice to try to copy every detail in it’s instruction and the editor view it provide. Additionally you can serch by the name of the plugin here in the forum to find content that plugin author provide, and then you will be aple to ask specific questions.

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Thank you Sooo much. I actually had tried everything you recommended meaning reading the plugin instructions, page editor etc. But I guess you explained literally step-by-step for dummies.

However, I guess I still get stuck at a point when I am to set the fields of the target type.
Instead of triggering the musician workflow for each cell, I want to trigger for each group (consider 1 group as a line item in the database which consists for 3 cells).

Any clues ?

Ignore for now. Its working with a quick test. Will update and close the query after some more testing. Thanks a lot