Save data only if changed

I am looking for a solution/technique that only saves data when it has changed.

My idea is to load the current data value into a patent group and use a logic that compares the parent group’s data value with the input’s value. If they are the same the button/workflow is disabled.

Are there any better ideas?

You already made it :sweat_smile:

Just make your button NOT CLICKABLE as defalut and set a condition (in the conditional tab) to make it clickable only when parent group’s data is not the input value.

Thanks. I’m hoping for something a bit more scalable. As the data set grows I would need to add dozens of conditionals on one button.

Didn’t understand…

What is your use case?
Can you give us more details?

So an example would be a collection of data for a vehicle. There may by 50-100 fields that need to be tracked for a single vehicle. Adding that kind of logic to a single save button is unmanageable. But allowing the button to just resave the same data from the inputs would be a waste of time (however small) as well as trigger a modification timestamp update (which would be technically inaccurate).

I realize adding all those fields to a single form would probably not be a good design pattern. So this is more of a use case idea as I work thought some different scenarios.

I tried to create a flow like that in an app and i resigned to save every field each time the user clicks Save, because otherwise i would need to check each field/input not to be the same as the previous value (that is absolutely un-scalable).
For the timestamp you can use backend triggers (if field now is the same as field before, do not change timestamp), but this would mean adding one backend trigger per field, that is also CRAZY to mantain