Button only enabled if Group data has changed

On my account update page, I have 12x fields that the user can update. I also have a floating ‘Save changes’ button.

I would the button to be disabled on load, only to be enabled if Group data has changed.

Is there an easy way to do this without having to compare each field’s current value with each field’s original value?

There is a ‘Reset group data’ action in the workflow, so I would have thought there was an easy way to check “does current group data = original group data”?

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How i do it is store all default values into a single string then the input values into another string in the same order then just compare the two.

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You can use custom states for this. create a custom state of yes/no datatype with no as default. Create a workflow when input value is changed set the custom state to yes. Put the condition on the worlflow that if the custom state value is yes then this element is clickable if the value is NO then this element is not clickable.

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