Saving data from forms of only those that have had content changed

One of the key features of my app is to provide an audit trial of people’s answers on a series of forms whenever they submit the ‘Save’ button. This simply creates a new thing instead of ‘change of a thing’, and is stored separately in another database to not clutter the ‘current’ database which stores the latest, most up to date response to a question on a form.

As you’d expect, whenever the user makes a change to a question on the form, and saves it, the app saves all of the responses, whether they’ve been changed or not. The clear problem here is that when users are scrolling through their previous answers on a form there’s lots and lots of responses saved which is identical because that field wasn’t one they were changing when working on the form.

I’ve already got a customs states set up to make the save buttons clickable when a change of data occurs in a Rich Text Edit form, but I’m struggling to get my head around how I’d implement this same concept (of saving only the RTE that’s have a change in data) to the save button workflow.

This is my current workflow for the Save button.

I was thinking about using the ‘Only When’ feature in the edit box in the workflow, but need help working out what this expression would that would apply to all the fields listed.

Hi all

Just did some research on this, and wondered whether custom states might be more of an effective solution (instead of using ‘only when’ ). I have a vague understanding of using them, but need a better understanding of how I’d configure this in the Save button workflow, assuming that’s where it’ll go.

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