Save data to database and pass as radio or checkbox in form


i need urgent help.

The issue here is when an admin fills a form and saves to database. How can the data be represented to end users as radio or checkbox options in another form?

Thank you

I believe you set the choices for those elements to be dynamic, which could be the admin’s data.

Depends on your structure but for example, If the admin’s form answer saves to a field that is a list of texts, the radio button’s choices would be dynamic > admin’s list of text.

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Thank you very much.

It became easier after you responded.

Should i create a new topic OR

How can i use a payment gateway API to receive payment on bubble?

Payment gateway is: OR

Thank you

You could post a separate topic for help with this and so that other users can find the thread a little easier when searching for the same.

But with Paystack, it looks like you could use their inline feature with a single line of code and developer keys (create a developer account with them).

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Thank you very much.

I would post a new topic on this…

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Hello there, thanks for your help so far.

I just realized this only works for Radio buttons and doesn’t work for checkboxes.

I am able to pass data from database as checkbox using repeating group but when users select one or more checkbox options, it is difficult to save their choice in another database.

What i am trying to do is this: Admin uploads different meals which comes with options that will be passed as radio and checkbox attached to each meal. So when buyers are selecting their meal, they can check more than one option from the checkbox and their choice will be save to database when they buy the item. is a product model of what i am trying to build.

What I’d do is create a custom state (type list) from those checkbox selections and save that custom state value to the database. It sounds like you figured out how to display dynamic checkbox options in a repeating group.

So when user checks a box, set a state on an element (we’ll say the RG), and change the value of that state to “state’s value :plus item current checkbox’s value”


When user checks Vegetables > set state to RG (list of texts) > State name = Selection > State value = RG’s Selection :plus item current cell’s checkbox value.

So with each click, you add another item to this state’s list. Then you can save that list to the database. Let me know if this gets you in the right direction.

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Thank you for your reply. Much appreciated.

I still cant get it to work. Maybe there is something i am not understanding…

Yes, i figured out how to display dynamic checkbox options in a repeating group.

The only issue is how to save users options to database.

I tried your recommendation but i cant get it to work.

when i check one checkbox value out of 4 options and save it, it saves the whole 4 options instead.

The app i am working on is private. Should i make public so u can check?


I neither know how save in database the selected items’s in a checkbox inside a repeat group.
I don’t find option “selected item”

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Christina i have this exact same issue. Were you able to resolve it?

Hello Adunniola, are you a Nigerian??

yes o I am!!!

seems im having the same issue you had last year. need any help i can get

Yeah I’m available to help out. Let me know what you intend to apply it to

Thanks Tobi

Thanks so so much

im try to put a pretotype together. Its a simple sales and inventory application .