Save file to Bubble s3 from API workflow

I’m trying to save a converted audio file to Bubbles s3 storage.
I use convertcloud for the conversion process and once the conversion is done I get a webhook with the following JSON:

“id”: “xvtXPkmlwhe1NL9yf0g”,
“output”: {
“url”: “//”,
“filename”: “audio90037081.wav”,

My problem is: The url is a download link but it seems that I can’t use it with the “save to s3” option.
I could build a new link with something like url / filename which would work on the cloudconversion side to download the file as well. But it seems that all of these are just forcing downloads.

Does anybody has an idea how to handle this?


Did you try setting the endpoint parameter ‘output’ as a file type?

Hi mishav,

the ‘output’ itself is a nested json thingy. I set the ‘output url’ and the ‘output filename’ as files. Therefore I have the option to choose “save to s3” but it’s not working. It mainly just saves the URL itself. I tried to play around with the URLs (e.g. add https before the URL) but it also just saves the URL or it does just nothing unfortunately.