Save individual uploaded images as a separate thing

Using the Multi-file Uploader.

How do i save each file as a separate thing in the database?

After a user uploaded for example 20 images, i want each image to become a separate thing so i can give the option to add a caption for each individual image for instance.

  1. Create a new database table called “Image”

  2. Add the following fields to Image:

  • image (image)
  • caption (text)
  1. If you’re adding these Images to a User, create a “List of Images” field to the User table.


but the workflow to save a seperate thing for each individual image uploaded via an MULTI file uploader doesnt seem so simple

If you go this route, you will have to schedule an API workflow on the Multi Uploader’s list of images.

but it takes so long, why?

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