Save list of thing (title and details) to a single text field with same order and formating

Does anybody have a quick tip what is the quickest way to save search / RG with title and details (one row) to a single text field?

I would like to keep a same row order and make tittle bold too.

What are you trying to do?

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 10.15.30 PM

You want to save that so it looks like a single line of text?

For example : 1 Details 111

I just want to save all rows from the repeating group or from search (title and details) into the one single text field.

My point it that I don’t want to load all these repeating group rows to show multiple pages of text. If I can combine them into a one text field that would be handy.

Here is the editor:

Fields can be configured as “List of Texts”.
So you could save the title as the “:first item”, and other details as “:item #3”, “:item #4” and so on…

Yeah I can build it that way. Takes a bit of time if I have over 100rows… That is why I was asking if there is a better way to do it

a couple of plugins that might help

You could then wrap all of your data into a JSON string. So all the fields and all the rows into a single text field. You’ll need to do some javascript though.

Here’s post I publish last year. I needed that kind of solution to speed my app up:

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