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Issue with First item constrain

hi we seems to have an issue on our page when users sign up they do not see their details they see the user before as we user the ((first item) context . to recognize each inputs on their page . are we doing something wrong?

Hello :slight_smile: Can you share a link to your app?


not until ready. but we need to understand this matter from the while speaking of it relatively.

what route would you choose to do the following:

users input details of themselves then can save it after paying and click see my details and then see their details . not the guy before or the guy after or random changes … no we want to be sure that each users see their details and not some other user by mistake while picking from the database

You could have a page within your app called “Profile”. On that page, double-click on it to open the property editor. Within that, set the Page’s Type of Content to be User. On that page, create a few text elements with the dynamic expression “Current Page User’s[field of your choice]” “Current Page User’s[field of your choice]”

Go back to the page which contains the Inputs. In the workflow which saves this information, the workflow will be:

Data --> Make Changes to a Thing --> Thing to Change: Current User --> Fields to Change [your fields which contain the information about the User].

After a User has saved their information, in the See Details button, the workflow could be:

Navigation --> Go to Page: “Profile”, Data to send: Current User.

I’d login as a User to test this (though it will work if you’re logged out), and then when the Profile page is opened, it will display the Current User’s information.

Now that you’ve got one workflow on the See Details button to send the Current User’s information, you can also create a repeating group of Users (on a page called ‘Search’ for example). Within that you repeating group you can “Do A Search For Users”, and display Users who have filled out their information. Within the repeating group’s first cell you can create a Button (such as ‘View Profile’) with the following workflow:

Navigation --> Go to Page: Profile --> Data to Send: Current Cell’s User

So in this case, we’re sending the Current Cell’s User data to the Profile page (instead of the Current User) and once the Profile page is loaded, it will dynamically display the User’s information which we had clicked on in the repeating group. There are many ways to do this and the Bubble tutorials are a great help to understand displaying and sending data: and

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same if the section i want to display is not user directly but a virtual user?
i created to identify my list

Can you recreate what you are trying to achieve in the forum app? It’s hard to tell what you’re trying to do without seeing your data structure/workflows.

i will try what you stated first

will this example you stated can be set data on the login button so that it change all those inputs when each user sign in by clicking the login button ?

Yes, you can create another action in the workflow:

can i make it change permanently in a popup as well ?
i guess so right
grouped up?

Yes you can change the signup/login popup’s workflows