Separate List of Images into Individual Entries


I currently am uploading a list (in bulk) of images at one time, and I am trying to set up an API flow to then create individual entries for each of these images.

I’ve watched a number of different tutorials and can’t seem to figure it out. The number of images uploaded each time is also variable.

I’ve tried to do this through setting up a workflow on a list, but I can’t select the Multi-File uploader as an option.

Any help would be appreciated!

I think that a recursive workflow would be the best for doing this since you are uploading different size lists and you don’t want to eat up all your capacity. Create a new API Endpoint in Backend Workflows and add the following parameters:

  1. Images (check the list option and set the type to image)
  2. Number (set the type to number)
  3. Stop_At (set the type to number)
  4. Any other data you need to create the object

In the workflow, add the first action to Data - Create New Thing. Select the object you want to create and then in the field of the image you want to create, select images parameter, then add the Item# action with Number parameter after it. Add a second action Custom Events - Schedule an API workflow. Select the API you just created. For the parameters, enter the following:

Images = Images Parameter
Number = Number + 1
Stop_At = Stop_At

Add a condition to run only when Number < Stop_At. Now go back to the page with the file uploader and add a workflow based on a click of the button. The action should be Custom Events - Schedule an API workflow. Select the API endpoint you just created and put the following for the parameters:

Scheduled Date/Time: Current Date/Time
Images: Multi File Uploader’s Value
Number: 1
Stop_At: Multi File Uploader’s Value Count.

That should take care of what you are trying to do.

Could you paste screen shot of how you managed to upload image to Bubble database please.

I am trying to follow your recommendation but cannot intercept the steps very well. Thanks for instructions. This is crucial for my application as I plan to upload several images from Google Drive to Bubble.