Recursive Workflows - Fetch images and save to AWS

Hello guys, in order for my web app to work I’m importing list products from CSV export files coming from several brands.

These brands provide Products’ Images as links to those images on their server. Once you upload the products via CSV bubble correctly displays these images everywhere but it doesn’t really fetch them and store them as images. Bubble keeps using the links to their original position.

My problem now is that I need to add these images to an HTML Canvas which will prevent me from doing that due to CORS restrictions.

So I’m trying to build a Backend Workflow that will fetch all these images, store them on AWS and save the stored versione in the database.

Following you can see the Workflow I built. I’m there excluding 3 things:

  • “immagine doesn’t contain” since some of those are corrupted and it will send the workflow in a 404 error
  • “immagine doesn’t contain amazonaws” it’s something I’ve seen on this forum to skip already AWS stored images
  • “descrizione contains Illuminazione” it’s just to make the list shorter as the Support adviced me to do (this way I’d get less than 300 products instead of +2.000 of the database)

And then this API endpoint just to activate the recursive one.

Anyway this Workflow goes off correctly and logs no error nor updated images. Is there anything I’m not getting?


Hi Cristian,

maybe this can help. I have done a quick simulation of your use case.

In this page I create a new “product” assigning the product name in a text field and an image URL in an image field. After creating the record, I have just saved to S3 the original image URL. Take a look at this. (1)

The workflow is very simple: after uploading the data (like you do via csv import), you take the product image field (which contains the original image URL) and save it to S3 in another image field (I called it AWS Image) or in a text field for future reference (I called it AWS Image URL).

first step

Using backend workflows should not change the results (I could not make an example since this test app is on the free plan).

Please, let me know if you have solved the problem. If not, contact me again.



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