Saving a group as an image?

I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while now without any luck…So I’ve got a group that has a background image that is just a color. (This color can be changed by the user).

Then there is a slightly smaller image with a transparent background within the group, layered over the background color. So it looks like this-

I’m trying to figure out how to click save, and create an action either with script or a plugin that will create/save that group, (and that group only), as a new .jpg or .png.

Basically I want to merge the 2 images into one. I’ve tried Documental and am striking out. Can’t seem to get any js to work. Any ideas?

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I think I roughly understand what you are asking and here is a possible solution.

If I understand, the background color is customizable with the front logo being static.

If the save button “creates a new thing” with the color as “color” and the logo as “logo or emblem” that will store it in the database.

Then to show it, display the back group as “colors” value and the front logo as “logo or emblems” value.

If I am completely wrong and misunderstood let me know, haha!

Hope I helped anyway,


Do you have an active Documental subscription @benny100?

Yes, I’ve done this and it works fine within the Bubble app. But if I want to use that image combination (background color + design) outside of Bubble, I need to combine the 2 images and download it as 1 image with them merged together. I just can’t figure out how to do it.

Yes, but can’t figure out how to do what I’m requesting.

I don’t believe you would be able to acomplish something like that. Your best bet is to go big or go home & just run the entire thing yourself, print the T-Shirts for people that they build in your app.

@benny100 you ever figure this out?

There is a plugin for this I recently discovered. I have a use case for it, but I personally haven’t started playing with it yet.

please let us know if it works for you!


I tried out the plugin below. It didn’t meet my requirements with the different elements I have in the group I tried to save. Might be going a different direction entirely that wouldn’t require creating an image.

Hi Ryan, actually i am using this plugin and it works fine and everything . but i am facing issue with it !! I can’t save the image in the database,

this plugin is great , but it missing a major feature about saving the result in the database , you can contact with the developer for more information

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