Saving data from checkboxes

Hi everyone,

I have built a bubble io app. it´s a form consisting of 2 custom states “Vehicleinfo” where customers put in information about their car like reg nr.

Then there´s 3 accordions:
In each of these accordions they can choose on checkboxes some of our services. they can choose one or multiple services.

When they have choosen their services they press button “Next” Now Vehicle info state changes to customerinfo and now it´s time to fill in information about when they want the job done, name, telephone nr, email etc

After that the customer should press “Let´s go” and all the info should get in our database so that we can build a admin area where we can list all the quotes, reply on them etc.

how should i structure the data so that i can show in our admin portal
And also, how do i collect all the data from the 2 different custom states into one data field wich is “Quotes”

I´m not really sure how to accomplish this and have went through forums and videos but cant seem to fix it…

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Hi there, have you created your data type for this yet? You essentially just need to add any of the fields you want to record into the datatype, then add a workflow on the lets go button to create a new record of that datatype, then link all the correct inputs etc.

For some of them like the type of service I would recommend making them option sets.

Does that all make sense?

Hi Oliver, Thanks for your reply.

yes, i´ve tried so many things now so i´m not shure how to proceed. Right know i´ve changed the fields to custom radiobuttons, but i cant seem to get the data from the services into the database, As you can see it´ll only add one to the database, “Basservice” but i want the "services field to populate with all of the customer choosen radiobuttons.

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Ill send you a DM and we can do a screen share, will be easy to explain in 10 mins on a call.