Trying to ONLY save rich text editors that have had their values changed

I’ve got lots of forms in my app with rich text editors (RTEs), and have designed the front end and the Save button is working to save the contents of the forms to the database in the usual way. One of my workflows is to only ‘enable’ the Save button only when there’s a change to one of the RTEs. I’ve done this using custom states and setting the date/time to ‘trigger’ the Save button to become clickable.

I also save the historical responses to a secondary database so the user can restore this data to the RTE if they wish to.

The problem: When the user is clicking Save all the responses are being saved to the databases irrespective whether there has been a change or not.

What can I do to only have those RTEs that have had an update to their contents to only have their data saved, and not the whole page as is currently the case? Only solution I thought would be to create a save button for each field, but that would probably not look great, and will need to re-create the front and backend. I wonder whether I can use the custom states that is already implement in the triggering of the Save button?