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Saving data from Radio button choices

I am a little lost. Trying to figure out a simple ‘task’:

I have a group which contains a radio button input, which takes its choices from the database. So far it works fine.

User clicks on a radio button and clicks on the button to vote for a choice. This should increment a field ‘Votes’ in the ‘OptionValues’ thing (where the choices are taken from.

I sinply can’t figure out how to tell the app how to increment the related field by 1

Any suggestions?

Hi Fred,

Have you tried When an input’s value is changed (select radio button element as the input) > Make a change to a Thing > Thing to change is this radio button’s value > OptionValues = This Thing’s OptionValues + 1

Tried to do that. Didn’t work out. Field was not incremented.

Maybe you can take a look at the problem.I just copied the app:

The radio button choice is on the detail_vote page : try

Maybe I just missed the simplest thing :slight_smile:

Hi again
after reloading everything - I retried it - and it worked.

You directed me to the right way to do it, not in the way you suggested (because that would increment the vote immediately, without the possibility to change before clicking the vote buttom) but in the way to simply refer to the radio button thing’s value -

It was much simpler then I thought.

Many tanks for helping me out!

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