Saving Data with Auto Binding, using custom states


I am wanting to avoid check boxes and extra buttons if possible.

Currently, when the user clicks one of the options, it’s currently using a traditional custom state and then once they go through all the detail steps, the new listing is created with a “Go Live” button at the end and uses the saved states for the data into the DB.

What I would like is the new listing to be created before the info steps, which I currently have set up, then when an option of the RG is clicked, its adds to the database, when the same cell is clicked again, it’s deleted from the database, in real time.

I’d like to know how to do this with just two options or more than 2 options ( like the picture here).

Can I do it without other icons or buttons?

Also, does the new “multiple custom states” feature help in this situation?

Thank you.


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