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Saving List of Multiple Repeating Group Inputs

Hi Guys,

I could use a little help with two issues related to repeating groups saving multiple inputs.

I have an application that allows the user to enter information about their company. In one of the areas, I allow the user to enter their team members into a repeating group:

It is set up:

  • Blank entry was already set up in the Partners Database with the “Company” column populated with the ID of the company
  • Repeating group with “Do a search for…” constrained to show Company’s = Parent Group’s Companies
  • Add a team member can be clicked below which creates a new entry into the Partners Database which opens a new entry in the repeating group

I am having two challenges:

  1. If I enter data for a team member and then hit “Add another team member” the data for the previous entry in the repeating group is lost because the RG does a new search for and overwrites anything entered.

  2. I want to save all of the team member data when hitting “Next”. I believe this needs “Make a change to a list of things…” but when I try and use that option I am struggling to find a way to identify the inputs which are inside the repeating group as the items to save to the list of things.

Maybe a way is to set up a state locally or something and then save it all at the end?

Thanks for the help, here is a video showing me navigating the application and narrating the issue:

@chrismoris hi chris were you able to solve this one? Can I ask how?