Saving project related details

Hi Guys,

I’m at a bit of a hurdle with the database now and would like some advice before I proceed any further.

Let’s say I have a page where project details are generated which create a new thing with an index number.

Following this process, a button then takes the user to another page where there are a series of dropdowns and inputs to complete. The user completes these fields and then saves them to the database BUT… within the database, should they be saved within the project’s ‘type’ or can they be saved within their own type?

Consideration is re-opening a project at a later date to view/edit the fields/choices the user had previously made at that particular point in time - assuming it will be related to the created date but I’ve scoured podcasts and the forum and can’t find what I’m looking for.

Would appreciate some help.

Add an additional date field for last changes made
Add a number field to record the last step the user got to (example 2 of 3)