Saving user's name and displaying it in another page


I’m trying to create a quiz on bubble, and I’m finding trouble with something that has to be SO EASY, but I can’t do it (I’ve tried a lot of things but still it doesn’t happen).

The thing is, I have an input in which the user writes his/her name (like: what’s your name? and they write their name). Later, in another page, I want to personalize the message and call the user by his/her name (like, save the data from the input and just display dynamic text depending on what they wrote in the input). But I can’t find any way to do this!

Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance!

Hello @ivet.cano01 welcome to the forum!

This video does not address your question directly, but what it may do is expose you to key concepts that will aid you in doing what you need.

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