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Scaleability of the Bubble platform to support 10's of thousands of customers

Would anyone happen to know of any commercial web services built upon Bubble that support 10’s of thousands of users?

I’m interested to see what Bubble is currently doing in the real world.




Hey @Dog-Tag!

If you do things right, a Bubble app can support much more than 10k users.
Sometimes it’s challenging to push major updates, but that’s not an issue.

The following screenshot is from OneSignal (using it for sending push notifications from our Bubble app):

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What do you mean by this statement?

New features/changes usually require new fields and/or tables in the DB. So, you need to update the existing records in the live version. Another thing, a huge responsibility not to break the existing stuff.

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Some cases may require to use of an external database.
For instance, if you have a feature that should analyze data using an AI - and then do something with the data (update, create, delete). It’s better to use a custom database (PostgreSQL or another one) since Bubble’s database cannot handle these operations fast and without capacity issues.

But, the app that I shared uses the Bubble’s DB, not a custom one.

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Are the messages taking place occurring on Bubble side or outside of Bubble?

May I know what do you mean by this, please? Do you mean sending push notifications or?

I mean it is impressive if OneSignal is handling, processing all the messages taking place on its platform.

Ah. I see. We are using it for sending push notifications only.


What external database are you using for those kind of operations? Something like

Thanks and impressive numbers by the way :clap:.

Hey @ryanck!

I used AWS.

But this one looks pretty interesting! Thanks for sharing it.
Also, it doesn’t cost too much, and it handles a lot of things.

thx :slight_smile:

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Hi @Dog-Tag , we believe Bubble has the capacity to scale indefinitely. However, they neglect this aspect of their use cases and market, quite sadly.

Dedicated environments have practically no limits, but the only documentation is Benefits of Dedicated - Bubble Docs

The only way to get answers about dedicated environments and high-scale applications is to speak with Malcolm Black ( Profile - malcolm - Bubble Forum ).

I spent over a year investigating Bubble’s ability to scale and found myself in dozens of dead-ends in terms of questions without answers (in documentation etc. or forum). We have found Bubble to be more than capable, technically, but lacking in its marketing, documentation, and community for highly scalable ambitions.

For us, the pros still outweigh the cons. We’re knocking out features 3x faster, with a smaller team, then if we were building outside Bubble. They unfortunately just don’t advertise their ability to scale infinitely. But Malcolm is quite capable and will get you the help you need.


I don’t see any sign of Bubble on or both in the inspector and using It seems to be built with Ruby on Rails.

Is this your app?

Ah… Sorry for the confusion.
Nope, OneSignal isn’t built on Bubble.
Our Bubble app uses OneSignal for push notifications. OneSignal provides some activity stats, so I’ve attached the screenshot of it.

That makes more sense! Thanks for clarifying!

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I’ve updated my initial comment. Thx and sorry again for the confusion!

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Who is ‘We’ ?

Nice catch!

My company, we are a 11 year professional services firm pivoting with a new SaaS subsidiary building on Bubble.

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Hi @Dog-Tag how much of capacity / monthly pricing to be handle 10k of users?
Thanks for the information