Scaling issue query

Hi Everyone,

I have a general query regarding scaling issues. This is something I’ve read about when the app starts to get big but what exactly causes scaling issues and at what point would this become an issue? Is it purely down to the size of the database or more down to users? Or both? At what point does quantity of database records actually become an issue and how many users are considered ‘a lot’ which would potentially cause issues, are we talking 20-100 or literally thousands of simultaneous users? And finally what can be done to avoid any potential issues with performance and overcome scaling issues.

I started building my app about a year ago so got quite far with it, so I don’t really want to not use it now but the ‘Scaling issues’ are concerning. My app will have probably 10 -20 consistent users (Business app so used through out the day) and maybe 50 users who would use it for 5 mins or so through out the day totalling maybe half a dozen times.

The Database could get quite big with 1 table having a tens thousands of records, is this a problem?


Tens of thousand are considered quite small for bubble’s database.
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