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Scanner for Images

Hey, I have users upload images, but want to be able to take advantage of scan functionality that exists on iOS and other apps. Basically this:

So when you click into the “image” widget, it lets you scan an image rather than just take a photo.

Is there anyway to do this? Any native plugin or commonly used API?


Had any success? I have a similar requirement

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I also have something similar. Were you able to pull it off?

If you are looking to do optical character recognition, it’s really hard. There are plenty of APIs out there, but it’s a royal PITA.

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@jay10 I opted to include a mini tutorial on how to use ios notes doc scanner to generate the scanned and then on how to upload. A bit cumbersome and not exactly the requested solution, but made the job.

Unfortunately, there is no plugin that would provide the exact solution you ask. At least I’m not aware of one. Following @troy.roberge advise, take a look to one of these:

The things is It would require a custom made plugin to implement. That would require somewhat advanced coding skills.

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