Schedule a workflow for daily connection to the app

Hello everyone,
I’m working on a native app, and I need to make a change to my user every each day he connects himself.
I tried to make a field in my DB wich is the last time he connected, rouded to day, and I made a comparison to current data/time also rouded to day, but it doesn’t work.
Does anyone know how to workaround this ?

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What exactly does not work?

Thanks for your reply,
Well, the action planned in the workflow never activate. For example, I got a trophy which consist to connect oneself to the app for seven different days, but even if I do connect in different days with a test user, the trophy is never incremented, even though the action is there.
So this is why I say it doesn’t work, the condition for the workflow seem to be wrong, but for me, it appear logical to let it like that, which is why I don’t know what to do

Bubble recently made changes to their service plans. Backend flows where affected. What type of plan does your app run on?

The app run on a personal plan

Ok so that plan is ok for backend flows.

Difficult to suggest solutions without knowing details of the problem.

Here is the condition in the workflow, if that can help :

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For the traduction, here is what it approximately means :
Search for DateDaily’s last connection date:first item:rounded down to day - Current User’s last connection date:format as day > 0

I thought you needed this done daily. Why a condition?

By the way … doing a search in a condition is not reliable …

If you still want to do one … you could consider running the search first and make that condition happen with a yes/no result that then will trigger (or not) the backend flow,

The condition is done because I need to see each day the user connect to the app, not each time. However, if there is an other way to do it, I’m all ears !

I am confused.

You need it daily not each time right?

Then … why tie it to a user?

You need to check daily if that user connected or not to the app?

Is this for every user in your app? … or only for some that you choose via a trigger?

I need it for each and every user of the app, a workflow that trigger for each daily connection to the app, and absolutely not each time. For example, a user can connect several times a day for one day, and don’t connect for two days, And I need to trigger the workflow only once for the several connection he made on the first day, and none the other two days.
I don’t know if I am clear enough, sorry if I am not !

Set a field in the user object called “today dates” and make it a list of dates

Add a date to that field every time the user connects to your app. This will establish a list of dates for that day’s connections. Do not forget to erase it at the end of the day … or at the start of the next day.

Conditions you could use:

if the count of dates is 1 do this
If the count of dates is 0 do that
If the count of dates > 1 do this other thing

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I see, true I haven’t thought of doing it that way ! I will try it rignt now, thanks a lot !

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