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Schedule api workflow remember to fill out_wf_param_null

Goodmorning everyone . The bubble app has been giving me this error for a week, however refreshing the page the error disappears. Has anyone had the same situation?

Yeap it happened to me randomly last week. And it did get fixed via a couple of page refreshes.

Have not been working on backend flows for the last few days. If I see the behaviour again I will report here.

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Sounds like something that should be reported. There’s no guarantee Bubble will see or address it if they don’t receive an official bug report.

@boston85719 I believe sent a bug report on this last week

If you see that issue, please try to revert the app to 2 minutes ago.
That worked for me.

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I filed a bug report. It was acknowledge that other users have been reporting the same issue. Support has passed it onto engineering. Just waiting for it to be resolved, which may take a couple of days to a couple of weeks from past experience.

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