WF_PARAM_NULL error popped

My app has just popped an error for back end workflows for a field WF_PARAM_NULL
It is saying remember to enter a value for WF_PARAM_NULL
Does anyone know what this is. Its not in the documentation

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Having the same error all of a sudden. Have you had any luck?

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No about 15 of them resolved but 3 left

I just tried deploying my app and they disappeared!

This seems to be platform wide - checked it up?

same here. Not sure what to do

Hot deploy and the app will deploy and the error will just go away

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Thanks @kylie. I did “deploy current version to Live” but the errors didn’t go away.

EEKKKK - sorry!

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Same problem here. I duplicated the workflow and deleted the old one with the error. Worked, but a few days later it happened again.

+1 To this rearing its ugly head.

Can’t delete the red box error filed which appears to be a ghost.

Yeah mine keeps coming and going

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personally I update several times in production then after a while the error disappears. Then I deploy live.
Good day to all.

I have the same issue…the error comes and goes…!?

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Hey all,

Have you filed a bug report about this issue?

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Slightly different wording in the error but same issue … backend workflow: “remember to fill out Key” but the ‘Key’ field is not showing when the error is clicked on.

Tried to send a bug report but it doesn’t appear to have been sent when I clicked submit.

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