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Schedule API - Parametar error (Now and then)

Hi - Having issues with Schedule API workflows that bubble displays, but they are not actually issues as after the (browser) refresh page, they are gone, whereas they “randomly” popup in the developmental mode.

Anyone clues? :smiley:

Thanks for posting! Our engineering team is aware of this concern and the behavior is in evaluation. Here are some workarounds for removing the phantom parameters to use when you encounter this:

  1. Navigate to the affected workflow, delete an existing parameter, and then use the undo button to undo the deletion. If you don’t have any other existing parameters, you can create a temporary one to carry out the same steps.
  2. Make a copy of the affected workflow and delete the original.
  3. Log out of your Bubble account and log back in
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Hi @ashofer,

Thanks! Nice to see that Bubble is already having that in mind!

No necessary (at least for me) to go with such extended work around, I just refresh the browser.

Regards, Toni

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