Schedule API Workflow. remember to fill out_wf_param_null

Hello bubblers,
I have this error i always get when i open a page that has schedule workflow.
Schdule API Workflow. remember to fill out_wf_param_null
The way i solve it i go to backend and change the option from Manual definition to Detect request data then to manual definition again. and the error clear. i do that every time it is kind of annoying.

what it is ? why does it appear? and how i solve it for good?

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Please file a bug report…I did on February 11th and no movement on it yet

It affects pretty much every one of my apps that has a backend workflow

thank you for advise. i thought maybe there are something i can do to stop it.

I think the best thing to do to stop it is to let Bubble know that another user is experiencing the bug so that they may push forward and address it with a fix

As of today still no movement on it

Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 2.03.03 AM

@eve any chance this has been passed onto an engineer and the reported bugs page just hasn’t been updated?

I’m also having the same problem. Thanks for the hack. That solved it.

I just received this error message.
A refresh has made it go away

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