Schedule is not working

Scheadule is not working

I’m running a workflorw whose one of the steps has a scheadule, the workflow steps run normally and following the scheadule by the debugger too, but when I analyze the database nothing was created.
Anyone having the same problem or has it resolved?

Hey @camarao.gestao , here are a few things you can check to troubleshoot:

  1. Go to your Logs tab, then Scheduler. Make sure that your backend workflows aren’t PAUSED. If they’re paused, click the button that says “Resume”
  2. Make sure you’re not looking at a filtered view of your data in the App Data tab. Try looking at the default view of the data type (it doesn’t have a trash icon next to the view name)
  3. Does your backend workflow have any conditions or settings preventing data from being created? It’s possible privacy rules are being applied (you can check under Data > Privacy > go to the Data Type in volved.
  4. You can investigate the activity further under Logs > Server Logs. You should be able to follow where the data actions are. This would reveal any errors, missing values, etc. For example, if you’re updating records, then in the server logs, you’ll see “Make a Change to Thing” and there should be a unique ID next to it. If that’s empty, then you need to figure out why it wasn’t able to locate that record in your backend workflow.

Hopefully this helps you uncover the issue!

Cheers, Gaby
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