Scheduling workflow when a task is not completed by a specific time

I’m trying to set a workflow to check if a task is marked complete every day that is scheduled at a specific time and if the action is not completed then that will trigger a different workflow.

Users can create a task that repeats daily at a specific time that they choose. There is a button that marks their task complete. When that button is clicked, it triggers a workflow to create a new thing which is a notification that is sent to other users saying it is complete.

I want to create a workflow that will check if the task is not completed at the time it is scheduled that day. If it is not completed I want that to trigger a workflow to create a notification saying it’s not complete.

Does anyone know how to create this?

There are lots of possible ways to do it.

For one, you could do this:

You can have a yes/no field in that task and every x time of the day, have a workflow to run and check if that task’s completed is “no” and if “no”, have a workflow to send a notification.

Thats a great idea. I have learned much about scheduling workflows. How do I set the workflow to run at the time of day when the task is scheduled?

Can you elaborate? What do you mean by “run at the time of the day when the task is scheduled”?

Is it like:

User scheduled this task 5pm today and the system should check and run the workflow by tomorrow, 5pm as well?

Yea so they create a task that they want to complete everyday.

When creating a task they select the time of day they want to complete it.

For example, I can create a task to meditate everyday by 6am. When I mark that meditation complete by 6am the workflow to create the notifications sating its incomplete will not be triggered. But if i dont mark the task complete by 6am then it will trigger the workflow.

Do I set a condition on the workflow that says only when current date and time > tasks due date?

I have a y/n field for tasks and a workflow that that changes the task back to no everyday at midnight.

I’m not sure if changing it back to y/n will work because I also would like to save the date and time that the task was marked complete everyday so users can see how many days in a row they complete their meditation.

resetting it in the midnight might be a bit of a problem. What if they have a task during the midnight?

Here’s a different take for me:

create a different datatype related to that task and let them set a recurring interval, this way they are not only limited to the hours per day but they could also set it every x days / weeks

You can simply create a new datatype every subsequent schedule.

Ok, I created a different data type with a date interval but I don’t know how that works.

When creating the interval, I’m guessing the date and time picker element will be where the interval gets the data from but what do I need to do to make it recurring?

When a task is marked complete, would I just have a workflow create a new interval the following day at the same time?

I’ve never created a date interval in bubble and don’t fully understand them as you can probably tell…