Sending message to user every 48hours when a particular task is not done

Hi fellow Bubblers,

I’m currently developing a wellness app and need some help. I’d like to set up a feature where users receive a message if they don’t login to continue their workout in two days. Additionally, I want the admin to receive a notification about this so they can track and follow up with the client. Could anyone guide me on how to implement these features? Thanks in advance!

When the task is assigned, schedule an API workflow called “check task completion”

Schedule date: current date time +days 2

It has 3 actions

  1. (condition = user completed task) terminate workflow
  2. (condition = user did not complete task) Send Notification
  3. (condition = user did not complete task) Schedule Same Workflow for 2days from current time / this will check again in 2 days

Please is there another way to do it, if i dont want to schedule an api workflow, because i’m working on a free account, please there a way i can go about it

No, you can’t use scheduled backend workflows on free plan.