Trigger a workflow to start when the clock is a certain time


I have a workflow I need to run every 24 hour exactly at 12:00 AM, on the start of a new day.

I’ve experimented with certain triggers happening at certain times of the day, and if this happens at 12, then run… but those triggers themselves don’t always occur at a specific time. Just when something happens.

So, what’s the best way to set this up? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Choose the timezone based specific region OR run your workflow based on users timezone.


I think besides what @mani2726 has advised you could consider on the professional plan run a recursive event daily in the backend worflow.

I hope this helps!


Complementing the great advice from @mani2726 @mateusproto you could build a recursive flow as well. This route would require to do so from the creation of the entry but it may be an alternative to using recurring workflows.

@cameron1 yes, @cmarchan is right recurring is the best option, I wrote it wrong :blush:

While this is definitely the best case, how do I have the recurring workflow start exactly at a certain time, regardless of any action? What I’m ultimately trying to do is start my recurring workflow only when the clock is 12:00 AM. What would the steps be to have it:

when clock is 24, then, run workflow?


Please share the exact details about what you are going to archive by this scheduled workflow?
Example like checking user expiration/sync with 3rd party apis

So that will provide best option

Yes, I am trying to run a workflow that pulls data from APIs and then makes changes to users on a recurring workflow (it cycles through all the users) – which I then need to run everyday at 12:00 AM


Please, have you tried this way?

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I am on a personal plan, so no. Is there any way to do that without upgrading?

Explore recursive workflows

Yeah, it seems like this is the best way to do it - I just don’t want to have to pay even more money. An extra $100 for one additional feature is a little steep for me, unfortunately :frowning:

Just wanted to bump this again to see if anyone had some workarounds for this.

I’ve created a record inside my DB that has a yes/no attribute.

If this attribute is set to no, my workflow will run. When the workflow starts, the no is turned to a yes, disallowing my trigger workflow (which runs every 15 minutes) to start my daily workflow.

When the workflow inevitably calls a certain other trigger to get it to cycle through, at the beginning of this workflow the trigger is set back to no.

This just has it running every 24 hours, I suppose. Will investigate this further, and may ultimately just have to create a physical button that triggers the workflow to start the workflow by clicking it right at midnight.

We’ll see.


You can simply set your workflow based on your 3rd party timezone then only you can get updated synced data from 3rd party.

Schedule a backend recursive workflow:
-Calls itself at end, the scheduled-time will be current_time +days:1 :set hours to 0: set minutes to 0
Then on the initial call of the workflow, also set the scheduled start time the exact same conditional as the recursive call above, which will logically resolve to “the next midnight”. Apologies if you can’t do this on a personal plan, I can’t remember what is allowed and not at such a plan level.

I’m personally not a fan of “recurring workflows” for a variety of operational reasons.

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Hi @cameron1 ,
Were you able to solve you problem?
If so, could you expain/describe how?

Thanks in advance!!