Scroll snapping

Hi team,

I want to give my Bubble app a ‘mandatory scroll snap’ so it snaps from one page section (one row of squares) to the next.

The CSS code for this is:

scroll-snap-type: x mandatory;

And it seems that I can customise the following variables:

/* Keyword values */
scroll-snap-type: none;
scroll-snap-type: x;
scroll-snap-type: y;
scroll-snap-type: block;
scroll-snap-type: inline;
scroll-snap-type: both;

/* Optional mandatory | proximity*/
scroll-snap-type: x mandatory;
scroll-snap-type: y proximity;
scroll-snap-type: both mandatory;

/* etc */

/* Global values */
scroll-snap-type: inherit;
scroll-snap-type: initial;
scroll-snap-type: unset;

Where exactly would I enter this code? Will I have to take any further steps to make it work? I’m a non-technical person; please do explain any thoughts as though talking to a 10-year old :slight_smile:


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