Scrolling page vs scrolling RG

Thank you for your help!

I have a little problem on my page.

I have a scrollable page with differents elements.
In this page I have also one repeating group for comments.
My page is scrollable and my RG is integrate in this page.
But in my phone, the RG is also scrollable alone. It’s not very good for the UX.
Why can I “block” the scroll in my RG?

Thanks you very much.

This is a video:

Hi @digital.place2be :wave:

This is happening because you have “a lot of” comments and if your repeating group don’t get heighter (it has fixed height or max height), scroll bars are inevitable to allow you to scroll thru comments.

Can you share images of your editor? How did you configured your repeating group?

Hi @digital.place2be!

I had a similar problem. So I implemented a similar user experience that Airbnb follows for property reviews.

Here’s a solution:

  1. On the RG, set a fixed number of rows and columns. This will remove the need to scroll on the RG.

If users aren’t interested in seeing more of these comments
You’re done!

If users are interested in seeing more of these comments

  1. Add a button under the RG saying “View more” (or something similar)
  2. When that button is pressed, have a Floating group slide in from the right
  3. Inside that floating group, have a RG that displays the full list of comments.

Hope this helps!

@Dillon_Schade , @rpetribu Thank you very for your time and your advices! It’s Good! Really appreciate!

@rpetribu Thank! Here is:

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