Scrolling Group of Dynamic Elements within Pop-Up

Hi there,
I’ve spent entirely way too long trying to find a solution to scroll a group within a popup, so I figured I’d turn to you folks!

If anyone can point me in the right direction I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

What’s in the group?

Dynamic elements, images text & links to attachments.
Thanks for thinking about it, Shot!

Assuming the data displayed within the popup pertains to a Thing in your database (and if it doesn’t, it probably should), then one way to go about it would be a single-cell RG…


The popup’s Type of content should be set to the data type. The Data source need not necessarily involve a Search for. You could instead reference a Thing on the page or enter any other valid expression.

The RG can then reference the parent’s Thing. Note the :convert to list operator. RG’s can display only lists. In this case, it’s a list of one, but a list nonetheless…

For the images, you might need to enter the height via the Properties editor, as the RG is not scrollable in edit mode so you can’t vertically resize the image by dragging down past the bottom of the RG.

I don’t know if it suits your needs (and there might be other ways to go about it), but it seems to work and is fairly straightforward to implement.


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Thanks a million for your help, Steve!

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