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Search: Applying a constraint to a list

Hi Everyone,

I have a Data Type named Employees and a Data Type named Devices.
Employees have a field named DeviceList which represents a list of devices that belong to the employees.

I´m showing all the Employees in a Repeating Group.

Now, my problem: I´m trying to perform a search that shows in the repeating group only the employees who have Desktop Devices.

How can I build a search with this kind of constraint?

Thanks a lot!

Assuming ‘Desktop Devices’ refers to an entry in your Devices database Just use:

Devices Contains Desktop Devices

You’ll need to refer to Desktop Devices either by doing a search for Devices or, if it’s already referred to somewhere on your page you can refer to that directly.

I’d build a dropdown filter instead of a search. Anyhow you shouldn’t display just Employees in the RG. You should display Employees based on Filter/Dropdown’s Value. The initial value should be “All” devices. If you desire to filter the list you’ll change the Device Category from the Dropdown Menu. I hope this helps.

To be more specific, this is my Repeating Group without apply any constraints:

Now i´m trying to show in this Repeating Group only the Employees who have Desktops Types on Devices.
I´m trying the logic below:

Apparently, I can’t type “Desktop” after the contains expression, the field don’t accept this.
Am I following the correct way of the logic?


I think that i found the expression to resolve my case:


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