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I am making a classroom tracker that stores offers sent by the ministry. I have a data type, “apprentices” and added a test entry. I am stuck on how I can get it to start searching for an apprentice (like facebook) and allow me to select it?

I took a photo on the part I am stuck on.

My placeholder is: search for apprentices > apprentices > but now I don’t know how to trigger it to start searching from a data type. Screen shots attached.

Thank you.

use the option :filtered and select input values you want filter

Thanks. I got to the filtered part and then it didn’t give me what I wanted.

I want it to search as you type the first and last name. So if I started typing A, it would pull all users with the first letter A in their name, etc.

You can check this plugin out

Are you wanting to allow users to select from a list of apprentices? Have you tried using a Dropdown element instead of a search element?

If you want to use the search input, you’ll need to point your search in the “Define List” section (or something like that). It’s that button below the choices style section.

A placeholder is just the text you want to be visible when the input has no value.

Thank you. My issue is, I want the text to only show up in the text book and not require me displaying the data. Like using a CRM search function.

You’re doing things wrong and it’s obvious you haven’t done Bubble basics. You could of course just apply the solutions i offered.

In any case go read the Bubble manual and go through the Bubble tutorials in their YouTube channel.


I will try your suggestion out. We have over 500 apprentices, so a drop down won’t be practical, but I will try the defined list option.

Thanks for your time!