Search&Auto-Correct Plugin Bug?

I have this plugin set up and working as per the second half of [] whereby I have a repeating group inside a group focus element attached to an input element (in_AssignOrg). Entering data into the input element filters values in the RG. This is working as expected. However when I add a condition to hide the input element it ceases to work despite the element hiding conditions not being met as per attachment. In other words the input element IS visible and the condition should not be changing anything2019-04-04_01-21-27%20(1)
Remove the condition and it works again i.e. values are retrieved. I set up another test from scratch with the same result.

the plugin is searching from the input, if you hide it the input, the search plugin has nothing to reference and no data source, this is normal behaviour.
You could try this

As I thought it made clear - the input element is NOT hidden - ie. despite the hide condition NOT being met - the plugin fails

Furthermore - if the input element WAS hidden then you wouldn’t be able to enter the search criteria!

Seems as though your conditions are being met, its hard to tell without more information.
You definitely wasnt clear, it was a struggle to read, try use some paragraphing & commas.

Huh? If the condition WAS being met then the input field would not be visible. The input condition is not being met - so the input IS visible allowing me to enter the search criteria and observe the plug failing. Otherwise how could I test it?

@hiface Please share a test page if you can recreate this issue in a test app and then make the app public

Will set it up after the sun comes up

I can’t reproduce the issue in a Test app - but here is the Test app describing what can’t be reproduced!
In my production app I can add an icon element to the page that is visible on page load, add a condition to the input element so that the input element is not visible when the icon is not visible. This should result in no change (since the icon element IS visible) - but it disables the plugin’s search.

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