Search Bar connected to repeating group

I’m creating a MDT/Cad for a RolePlay group. I’m needing for people to be able to search up a first and Last Name and have it come back with there name, drivers License Valid, tickets and warrants but am having trouble with the values.

I’m also needing people to be able to search up a plate of a vehicle and have it come back with the plate, the vehicle name, the owner, the color, and the insurance valid.

I have ZERO coding experience and this is what is stoping me from completing the app. If you have any help to offer I would appreciate it.

(kind of a rookie but this technique worked for my app)

Make an input where they search along with a button. When user presses button, make it change a value in the current user (ex: Search). Then when you need to display the text in the group, in type of content “profile”, in data source: do search for “profile” . In the search for, apply a condition where “name” contains current users “search”.
If that was too confusing, I can help you if you send me your link.

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