Search Bar having to select twice before it will search

Every Search bar I create you have to search, click on search item then search, click on it again to register the search. Is this something I’m doing wrong or is it a known issue with Bubble?

Search Box Conditions -
Serach Box Info -
Search List -
Is that what you needed? Or need anything else?

Maybe you can record a video of the issue? I never see this behavior. So it’s may be a bug.

Ok Will do, It seems to happen every time I make one so it may be something I have been doing wrong?
Sorry it’s a Swedish Database I made for someone but the issue is there.

I saw this issue before and it was something with group data nested inside another group.

Save your current step and try to make some changes.

So a group thats inside another group with the same data you mean?

Yes that’s possible

So I have just created a new one, on a pop up the data is set with the search boxes value and still having the same issue.

Can you share a link to the editor with edit rights, maybe you can create a new template.

I can, or could I maybe see one that you have done?

Easy solution…create a clear button and add it to the search results repeating group, The button will input the text and will run a workflow to send the user to the search page with those results

(Even though the other option works getting the actual search to function properly would be good too)

Still needing help getting the proper search box sorted

I am having an issue as well that I can’t explain or find a solution for.

My search results using the autosearch plugin are inconsistently displayed.

I have a search in a reusable element ( a header ) and on some pages, everything works fine, and on other pages it doesn’t work despite the fact that I am performing the same search.

Anybody have any idea of if it is an issue with the autosearch plugin, that it doesn’t always return values appropriately?

@windiehook381 I can confirm that I have that same issue with my search boxes (and have had for years) in Bubble. I think it’s a Bubble bug.

Thats irritating… There must be a way to fix it as I have seen bubble programs that have search functions completely fine. Maybe it’s to do with the searching being on a popup?

Did you contact Bubble regarding this yet? Through a bug report?

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