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Search bar linking to another page


I have been pulling my hair out for a few hours now trying to use the search dropdown function to link from one page to another.

Basically have created a search bar with static choices, and have one choice on two different lines. I make a button simply to look like a button since I can’t figure out how to link it to what I’ve searched (tick that the element isnt clickable). Then put a link on top of the button and make it invisible. Then I can’t workout how to use the list from the database containing two entries.

All I want to do is if the field in the search bar lets say ‘apple’ matches the entry in the database list (ive got 1 list with 2 entries) lets also say ‘apple’, then a new page known as ‘apple’ (which ive already created) is loaded.

Any help appreciated.

I really don’t get why this is so difficult, I’ve tried simplifying what I’m actually doing. I’ve spent literally, yes literally, 5 hours trying to figure this out. I must be a complete idiot because nothing I do seems to work.

Ive got a search bar with two static choices, a link next to it, and a group underneath.

A database with my custom ‘type’, which contains two fields, which each have a number assigned to them.

I’m forgetting about having different pages at this point. All I want is to be able to click the link which activates the search of the database and outputs the number.

Heres an example. I’ve got a search bar with two static options, apple and orange. Lets say I input ‘apple’, i click search (which im presuming is a link), the search accesses the database ‘type’ set known as ‘Data set’. This data set contains ‘apple’ and ‘orange’. The field next to apple in the database has a number of $0.5 attached to it and orange $0.7. Since I searched for apple the output in the group field below my search should be show ‘$0.5’.

There’s something I’m not getting here because this should be extremely simple, I’ve played around with datasources all night with no luck.

Hey! Let’s get this figured out. It does sound like you’re creating workarounds that are probably not necessary. So first, could you share a link to your editor so that I can check this all out in context?

Second, give me your ideal workflow scenario. User types in Apple and sees $0.5 come up next to it? Or do you want to try directing to another page if that’s more what you want?

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