Bring data in from another page

I have a search function in my app that I am building. I would like to be able to draw information from a couple of pages. When a person uses the search box to look for a product and they hit search, it opens a new page that has a repeating group on it which shows all the products with that keyword in its name. when they select something from that repeating group it then fills in text field further down the page with the corresponding information. I would then like to be able to draw from another page an item number that matches the product chosen.
So what I am trying to do, is search for information from my product page, then match that information (Product name) to the name in my pricing page, which then needs to print the price for that product into a text box on the search page.

Clear as mud?

Do the tutorial lessons. What you are seeking to understand is the database and sending data to a page.

I have worked that out for my initial repeating group, unsure how to get the next part to work.

If I put into the search box Chicken and push search, it may bring up different types of chicken products, e.g. chicken thighs, chicken breasts and this shows up in the repeating group, This information is sourced from a products page. when I select the chicken product I want, it opens another group which shows some of the information on that product, name, price, company sourced from. I would also like it to show the item number of that product, but this item number is not on the products page, it is store in a product item number page. so I am trying to work out how to draw that information out using the selected chicken products name.
I am sure it is something simple and it just requires tweaking what I have, but I am currently stuck

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