Search box for Geographic places rendering zero results

I want users to be able to save their city/state to their profile. So I have a search box in a form that should allow them to search geographic places.


On the front end, when searching for any city/state/address, no results populate. The field just behaves as a regular text input.

Furthermore when building my workflow to save the location to the user’s profile, I’m receiving this error:

There was an error converting the address {"request_type":"geocode","language":"en_us","address":"home"} into a geographic location. Error message: ZERO_RESULTS

Any ideas what might be causing this issue?

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You might like to checkout this thread from last week. I helped someone create an autocomplete dropdown connecting into the Google Maps API. I think this could help

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Hi, it happening the same to me, and going to try this chages in search box you have…

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