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I have a search box that displays google geolocation search results as I type. Or at least, it used to… I must have broken it at some point because the dropdown with suggested locations no longer shows up any more. I’ve been searching the forum and rewatching youtube videos to see if I did anything particularly special the last time but everything seems fine to me. I was missing a google geo API key at one point but that’s inserted now. I know the search box is pulling the results as the map flys to a new location on pressing enter. So its just the display of results that missing. The bubble search should show a dropdown with options without me needing to create a focus and repeating group, right?

I have a similar issue. The issue started once I published my site. I have done tests and created test sites and it works fine but doing exactly the same thing on my published site it won’t work.
As you type in the search box it wont give you suggestions.

I have just sorted my issue. I deleted the API keys under settings
I hope this helps you

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@mrpmallon great! yup that fixed it for me too. Thank you v much.

It gives an error now that I have removed my API keys.

Does anyone know what’s going on here?

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